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Make sure you read Willis Bullard's best seller:


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It is important for American's to understand we are living  in very dangerous times. Although no one wants to utter these words, I believe we are experiencing terrorism in America today. Some of these "events" may even be sponsored by our own government.  


The threat of terrorism is too real and sadly, already here in the U.S.


Terrorists have been preparing for a massive attack against America and our politicians and corrupt administration is not taking the threats seriously. Instead, they continue to coddle these groups of terror and focus on others before caring for America.


This book is the personal observations of Biff Baxter on terrorism. His fight against terror and his simultaneous fight against an administration that told him to stop his research efforts. He uncovers a very devious plot: distract the protectors on the U.S. / Mexico Border to bring more terrorist operatives into America.


Don't be caught by surprise. Don't be unprepared. The war against us has begun and the terrorist organizations will not stop until we are assimilated.


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