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Willis Bullard has over 20 years of military intelligence
experience and over 5 years of civilian research analysis experience. His military experience ranges from Recon and Surveillance with 7th Infantry Division (Light);  Operations and Intelligence Training for U.S. Special Operations Forces; to field operations in Europe and the Middle East with his HUMINT and ILRRP bretheren from around the world. 
Many of his intelligence assessments have been instrumental in
affecting foreign policy corrections and tactical missions planning decisions.
Mr. Bullard's analysis was also sought out by the civilian sector with some of his works being published in Jane's Defense Magazines and other periodicals. He also served as a Sr. Operations Analyst for a Fortune 500 Company working on special programs for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
Now retired, Mr. Bullard spends his time in the great Northeast with his lovely bride of about 100 years watching the brilliant paths their two kids are traveling. One, a doctor of osteopathic medicine and graduate of KCUMB, the other, a combat engineer and graduate of the USMA West Point... they raised slackers.




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